Support Groups

This post is dedicated to all the people that made this trip possible.

Studying abroad is a pretty absurd concept if you think about it. You pack up and leave everything behind in the pursuit of new experiences. All previous familial, fiscal, friendly, and somewhat academic responsibilities are on pause so I can gallivant across Europe as if some divine being indoctrinated me with this right.

The advent of the mobile phone and social media makes it easy to keep contact with friends, loved ones, and the occasional stranger, but I am not able to complete tasks I was previously obligate to obliged to. This includes working my part time job, clipping my dogs toenails, changing light bulbs for my grandparents, and tending to the limitless needs of a variety of relationships. I feel a sort of selfish guilt for abandoning, or neglecting, my post.

While I live like a king for these 80 days, everyone else is back home dealing with the minutiae of everyday life: Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes paying bills, collecting GPA, etc. Graciously, I have been granted immunity from these things to while in Spain.

This trip requires an immense level of support from everyone around me, and I am grateful to say that I am the beneficiary of a (excuse the lists) resonating, loving, compassionate, encouraging, flexible, generous, and charitable support system.

Thank you

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