The Kite Runner was shown at the last meeting held for Foreign Film Club. The Kite Runner is based off of a novel written by Khaled Hosseini. The movie tells the story of how a young boy, Amir, is devastated by abandoning his friend, Hassan. The setting takes place in San Francisco in the year 2000, Kabul Afghanistan in the late 1970’s, and Fremont, California in 1988.

In the beginning, the movie takes place in San Francisco with a grown up Amir. He receives a call from one of his fathers old friends that lives in Pakistan. Then the movie flashes back to his childhood in Kabul. Amir participates in a sport called kite fighting, and is accompanied by his friend Hassan who is his kite runner (the person who retrieves the fallen kites). One day, Amir gave Hassan a sling shot for his birthday, and Hassan pledged his undying companionship to Amir. Amir and Hassan are victims to an older bully, and during a kite fighting contest they got into an altercation with one another. In the end, Hassan is thoroughly roughed up, and Amir does nothing about and does not acknowledge it after it happened. Eventually, Amir redeems himself when he rescues a poor orphan from the Taliban.

The movie was foreign, but the concept was not. No matter where you are in the world everyone experiences the same emotions and hardships. Redemption is a common theme in movies produced in the United States, so I was able to relate to this one really well. If I was to rate the movie I would put it at a 7/10 (would recommend).