I attended the Eve of Nations at the Lloyd Noble Center, and it was one of the most interesting experiences I have had at the University of Oklahoma. The Eve of Nations is a gathering of all of the international student organizations, so they can showcase their culture. I had no idea about the range of international student organizations that the University of Oklahoma had to offer. They covered most of South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands. What struck me was that Native American associations were also showcased. I would not have thought that Native Americans would be a part of an international event, but they contributed just as much.

The organizations showcased an array of talents, but my favorite part was the fashion show. I am enamored by the diverse clothing from around the world. This was no ordinary fashion show. The participants always came out elated, and full of energy (some of which were dancing). They were proud to show-off their culture, and be the ones representing it.

The fashion show began with people dressed in cowboy boots and cowboy hats while “Sweet Home Alabama” was playing in the background (this also threw me off), but after that it moved to the different nations from around the world. If I was judging for the best colored attire I would choose the Native American and Middle Eastern countries, and if I was judging for the most energetic and best dancing the winner would go the Congo. I was moved by how proud these people were of their different cultures and countries, and it only makes me want to visit all of these places.