“About Me’s” are the most ambiguous and tedious posts to construct, but I will try my absolute best to humor you with a brief reconciliation of who I am.

I live a very privileged upper middle-class life within the southern suburbs of Tulsa, Oklahoma, but recently, relatively speaking, I fled the nest to further my education at the University of Oklahoma. I plan to graduate with a degree in accounting due to its stability and perspective job growth, but I am also considering a master’s in Business Administration. I intend to engage in the global market, so I am considering double majoring in International Business. I am just a meager freshman, so I have time to figure out my life. I am also a member of the Global Fellowship and the Presidents Leadership Class.

Now that my scholastic formalities are out of the way I’ll get on to me. I am a dynamic and inquisitive individual with a BMI that is lower than most in my weight class. At a young age, I learned to question; whether it was a simple issue, authority, or the laws of physics. I find it to be the best way to learn. I have gathered invaluable experience, wisdom, and two broken collar bones. I have a passion for people, but it is unmatched by my enthusiasm for nature. I have two yellow labs, a coin collection, and a knack for wooing the elderly. I am musically inept, but I have rhythm rivaled only by Chuck Berry. My biggest weakness is my crippeling fear of heights and ending paragraphs.

To a degree, I am a very interesting person (with the worlds most average name), but I blend in with the crowd.

-John Moore